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Led Light Bar In The Outdoor Lighting Engineering Common Application

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

In urban outdoor lighting design, there are many different buildings, buildings, overpasses and plazas. They vary in shape, and the outdoor lighting effect required is also very different. Following the special lighting for everyone to analyze these common outdoor lighting project.

The landscape lighting of the tower

Lighting should shape the integrity of the tower. The tower is usually composed of base, tower body, tower top and so on. They form a harmonious whole. The architect gives each part a corresponding meaning in the design. They all have a corresponding function or function. From an aesthetic point of view, their aesthetic value lies in erecting a landmark for an area.

So the full lighting performance of various tower body part is very important, only the performance of a part or a whole image alienation tower will favour one more than another. The lighting requirements of each part of the tower should be taken into consideration.

Landscape lighting of overpasses

Overpass is often on the city's traffic arteries, is an important part of the overall effect of urban landscape lighting. Watch the overpass from the distance high point, is on a walk, and then scattered lane. The image of the driveway is mainly shown by railings on the side of the driveway. Most of the overpasses are layered, multi lane, vertical overlap, and the depth of the level of the performance of the relationship, in order to truly reflect the landscape of the overpass charm.

Nightscape lighting of buildings

The night lighting of the building is most commonly used for flood lighting, contour lighting, interior lighting and so on. The illumination of the facade of the building illuminates the facade of the building directly with the light (Fan Guang) lamp according to the design angle, and the night image of the building is reshaped.  The effect can not only show the whole picture of the building, but also show the building's shape, stereoscopic feeling, stone ornaments, materials and textures, and even the details of the decoration.

Lighting is not simply to reproduce the image of buildings during the day, but the use of light, color and shadow means of lighting, reshaping the buildings more moving, beautiful, majestic image in the night. The outline of a building lighting is with line source (string lights, neon lights, Meinai lamp, light pipe, LED light, surface light emitting optical fiber etc.) directly draw the outline of a building.

Irradiating the edge of a building with a narrow beam of light also serves as an outline.

The lamp light illumination is the use of indoor light or transmission device in a special location inside the building outward from the light, the formation of the lighting effect of exquisitely carved.

Landscape lighting of ancient architecture

Chinese classical architecture is unique and has its own system. It has its own characteristics in materials, shapes and layout of the plane and space. The main buildings are centered, and other buildings are developed on both sides of the central axis. The form of architecture is basically composed of three parts: the base, the roof and the house.

The night view of the Plaza

The shape and the area of the square are both amorphous and varied, and the lighting must be taken as the prerequisite to satisfy the function lighting, and the functions of the square can be fully brought into play according to the inherent characteristics of the square.

The night view of the bridge

Modern bridges are mostly modern cable stayed bridges, including Twin Towers cable-stayed and single tower cable-stayed bridges. The shape of cable-stayed bridges is characterized by cables. Bridge lighting will be to highlight the main characteristics, with different lighting and unique artistic techniques, a large harp stands in the river, the river.