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Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 09, 2018

Many people prefer to add LED light bars to their off-road as auxiliary light while driving at night. The light bar is also a product that upgrades very soon. Thus, many people will not know which light bar fits them well, as the light bar has many different types such as  3D light bar, 4D light bar, 5D light bars, etc… In fact, a high quality light bar should be the first priority. If a light bar cannot really help you when you driving at night or cannot work in just a few weeks after you get it installed, you will be pretty sad. Here I want to share you with some knowledge about the light bar construction.


When talking about led chips, you may know Epistar, Cree, Philips, Osram, etc. Their quality even the appearance will be different from each other. In fact, the Epistar led chip design is a typical LED package. It mainly contains the LED (primary optic), chip (or die), bonding substrate, heat sink and the outer package. Typical spatial distribution is manufacturers used to describe the primary optic nerve from the LED light, which means that from the shape of the center of the diode or the transmission of light. As we talked about before, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the face of a direction, so you can imagine run straight down from the center line. Measure the center spatial distribution in degrees.

LED light bar lens would also be important for the light bar lighting pattern. The old light bar models or we can call them classic models mainly use reflectors to distract lights. Manufacturing reflectors are easier to implement and cost less than other optics. And how to collect light collimation depends on their shapes. Sometimes they also use different finishes for adding texture or diffuse the light. Often the physical size of the light source limits the options option of light. As chipboard (COB) on an array or transmitter, they emit such a large area, the real solution is to surround their reflector.


With the development of the technology, the fisheye lens comes into being and the name 4D LED light bar is also generated. A fisheye lens is a super wide-angle lens, a strong visual distortion intended to create a broad panorama. Fisheye lens achieves an extremely wide angle of view, by giving up the production of the image angle of the line, select a special mapping, you can make the image convex non-linear characteristics Exterior.

5D is popular right now when searching for LED light bar on the Internet. However, some may not hear of 5D. 5D can be simply understood as the combination of reflectors and fisheye lens, which is produced to make up the disadvantage of 4D which has poor performance in flood beam. 5D LED light bar would be better in not only flood beam but also spot beam.