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Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Mark the areas with an increased risk. Even if they are not stationary, but also move with the vehicle! Whether it is a tug truck, a forklift truck or gantry crane.HG forklift safety lights limit the risks of injury, not the use of your vehicles. They are mounted quickly and operate easily with their wide-range input of 12-110 V on almost any vehicle. Your employees do not need any briefing, because the function is self-explanatory. 

Learn more about the different Types of Warning Zone Lights:

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Periphery Lights 

A Periphery light draws a visible colored line on the ground which uniquely marks the boundary of a danger zone. These lights are ideal for the use on forklifts and lifting platforms. 

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Area Lights 

With a Area light it’s possible to give an entire zone of increased danger into a distinctly and visibly light. This can effectively mark the entire danger area. 

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Spot Lights 

A spot light projects a clearly visible bright spot on the ground, wich points to an approaching danger. This principle is particularly suitable for narrow and unclear corridors and passages.