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How to install Led whip light for ATV, UTV

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 21, 2018

Installation Instructions

Application of a Whip It Light Rod is very universal.  From ATV's to Side by Sides.  From Boats to any off road vehicle, the options are endless.  We have provided a very universal installation process for you to reference when installing your light rod on your application.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us as we can provide one on one assistance for your needs.

These basic instructions will apply to any size light rod. 

1.  Determine where and how your light rod will be attached the the vehicle.  A spring mount is provided with your purchase which simply requires a 1/4" hole for it to mount.  Other mounting options are available, if needed.  However, if you intent to mount your light rod on a roll bar, the mounting clamp for this is not included.

2.  Determine where your control box will be located.  The control system used for a light rod is infrared, meaning the control box has a infrared sensor that must have an unobstructed view to the remote.  Depending on your purchase, an extension cord may have been included which will allow you to move the location of the control box.  For example, on a side by side, a 12' extension should allow you to relocate the control box under the dash for easy access for the remote, as well as provide additional protection from the elements.  For a ATV, a 3' extension would allow you to locate the control box under the seat, with the infrared sensor still unobstructed.  Lastly, you may secure the control box directly to the flag for easy removal, if desired.

3.  After determining the location of the control box, run required extension's to connect the control box to the light rod.

4.  Powering the light rod is very simple.  With your purchase, a black power pig tail is included with a simple red and black wire.  Red is positive and black is ground.  It is recommended using an inline fuse with all electrical accessories to prevent accidental grounding.  With the light rod being all LED, it draws a max of 6 amps with all lights on.  Simply connect the red wire to the positve post on your battery (additional wire may be required) and the black to ground.

5.  After removing the plastic battery protector from the remote, you may power on your flag.

If you have any other questions about install, please contact us so we can assist.


Whip It Light Rods takes no responsibility for improper hook ups or for not using an inline fuse.  Install at your own risk.  We do not warranty our product against improper installations!