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how to prevent water fog in car headlight and fog light

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 07, 2017

The car lights are the eyes, is of great significance for safe driving. However, with the advent of cold weather in winter, the phenomenon of automobile headlamps fog increases gradually, and even condenses into a lot of water droplets, causing a lot of hidden dangers to the safety of driving, and make people worry.


The fog doesn't all come from water, so it can teach you how to solve the hidden trouble quickly

However, car headlights, fog is the quality problem? What is the reason? Is there any difference between headlight fog and headlight intake? If your car headlights fog how to deal with it? And then we'll do some detailed analysis for you.

What harm does headlight fog cause?


The fog doesn't all come from water, so it can teach you how to solve the hidden trouble quickly

The weather conditions in high humidity or large temperature difference between day and night, if there is a fog lamp make people very angry things, not only affects the transmission rate of car headlights, lighting effects and faint dark, may even be hard to see the situation of the road, there is no way to correct a warning signal, on the safety of buried a huge risk.

In addition, the fog lamp also easy to make the headlight form astigmatism, the correct focus cannot correctly, on the relative direction of the vehicle caused by the glare of the light pollution; what is worse, it is easy for the lamp group related electrical components caused by corrosion damage and other serious consequences, the optical effect of the light group, long past affect the service life of parts.

The real mechanism of headlight fogging

Light source of automobile headlamps (halogen lamp, xenon lamp, LED lamp group, laser light group) emit tremendous heat, LED headlamp lampshade internal air thermal expansion and contraction, great air pressure, therefore, many automobile electrical engineers will give headlight assembly plus a "breathable" rubber tube or vent, to avoid excessive pressure in the lamp problems.


The fog doesn't all come from water, so it can teach you how to solve the hidden trouble quickly

When the rainy season, rainstorm weather or winter comes, the headlights are extinguished, the temperature in the lamp group drops, and the water molecules in the air are easily sucked into the cavity of the lamp group through the rubber vent pipe or the air vent.

When the internal temperature of the headlight lamp cavity is not balanced, temperature difference between inside and outside the lampshade is too large, the water molecules in humid air gathered from a region of high temperature to low temperature, enhanced these parts of the humidity, then condenses, the surface of the lampshade, and usually will be concentrated in the second half.

However, the fog is not a serious quality problem, is due to many special reasons, but in the warranty period can generally find 4S shop to help solve.

These reasons make your car headlights more easily caught

Because the automobile headlight structure design, lighting near the highest temperature, the lowest temperature away from the lighting parts, because of structural design of different automobile headlight cavity, temperature field, flow field, material selection, the probability of the fog is also different.

The more internal the headlight, the greater the gap between the components, the better the air circulation, the more difficult to fog. The narrow area is just the opposite, the air flow can not flow, easier to fog in these areas.


The fog doesn't all come from water, so it can teach you how to solve the hidden trouble quickly

From the physical point of view, the headlight internal condensation core, when the dust particles into the headlight cavity, the lens or the inner surface of the lamp shade, because the surface is not smooth, thus creating conditions for the water molecules found air core condensation.

In addition, the tightness of the headlight assembly becomes worse, when the headlight of the vehicle is modified, the little master who has no experience will turn the headlight off and close, and the wet water molecules will easily enter the lamp cavity.

And the most common is, in the vehicle wading or after heavy rain, the engine cooling system is also affect the headlights will fog one of the reasons. Because in the closed engine compartment, the water is heated by the engine room evaporation to become a large number of water vapor, easy to penetrate through the vent pipe or vent to the interior of the headlight lamp group.

Washing the car is too violent, wash the engine compartment with high pressure water jet, but also the same reason, will exacerbate the opportunity of water molecules into the lamp cavity.

What's the difference between headlight fog and water inlet?


Light fog is not all because of water, a few strokes teach you to quickly solve problems

If the car headlight water, from the exterior look is not white fog, but will appear in the headlight lampshade more water droplets, in the lower part of the lamp chamber will see obvious seeper.

This situation is mainly due to the problem of the sealing of the headlight assembly, or the shell is damaged, penetrated and broken. With the headlight fog easy to eliminate different, the car headlight water is a serious maintenance problem, generally are difficult to repair, need to replace the headlight, total talent can completely solve the problem.

How to deal with fog of automobile headlight correctly?

For manufacturers, the design of better headlight structure, reasonable set of vent holes and design position, strengthen the tightness of the lamp group is the key to reduce the fog of car headlights.

Of course, the application of mist coating technology is to solve the key technology of fog lamp, anti fog coating has good hydrophilicity, surface tension of water can lead to large drops of water can not be generated in the surface coating, the coating on the inside of the lamp cavity, can avoid the occurrence of fog. Just because of the high cost, many OEMs do not take this initiative.

Friends do not treat headlights fog lamp with thousands of impatient, direct baking on the headlights, headlight housings are generally made of resin or plastic material, it is easy to be a lot of heat or even cracking, eventually The loss outweighs the gain.

In general, the best way to deal with is to check the tightness of the headlight assembly, to confirm the error after opening the headlights, about fifteen minutes later, the use of headlight bulb emit a lot of heat will evaporate the fog.


The fog doesn't all come from water, so it can teach you how to solve the hidden trouble quickly

If the car is not just a fog, and even the occurrence of water situation, then rushed to the 4S shop or repair service will open up the water and check the headlights, headlight assembly, when necessary to re create or replace the sealing treatment, a full set of assembly.


The light fog is affected by many factors, close to the headlights of the fog, in addition to the manufacturers to provide better quality in the "source" of the headlights, all riders also to develop a good habit of regularly check the lights, check headlight lenses are damaged or crack, timely grasp the headlights fog, and make a deal reasonable way, keep the car will have a pair of bright eyes!