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LED as a light source of what characteristics

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

LED as the light source of the torch is still the most recent thing, but they are developing very fast. They are usually more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, perhaps 5-10 times longer than LED, and they do not explode when struck or hit". LED has a long service life, and even if it's for thousands of hours of continuous use, there will be no problem. By comparison, incandescent bulbs may be broken after 5-20 hours of use.

LED comes in many different colors, and basically every color in the spectrum LED can be implemented. Let's look at some of the main LED colors and their roles. White: for human eyes is the best color, other colors can be considered as "special" color, so it won't get too much recognition. In simple terms, any of the following colors is like turning things into black and white and two colors".

Red: used to protect night vision goggles, or to keep sensitive bodies (e.g., film) exposed.

Amber: eyes look very comfortable, is a very good monochromatic light.

Green: does not let military night vision instrument overload and bad.

Blue: it's good for hunters, because the blood is dark in this color.

Cyan: the brightest monochromatic light. Many people think it looks good and choose it.

Typically, you'll find the following 3 types of LED in your LED flashlight.

3 mm LED, small in size, mainly used in micro torches. Because of their volume relationship, they produce the least amount of light.