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LED lighting design needs to pay attention to the aspects

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Antistatic measures should be made

LED products to use anti-static measures in the production process, such as bench to ground, workers should wear anti-static clothing, anti-static ring belt and belt of anti-static gloves, conditions can install electrostatic ion wind machine, at the same time to ensure the workshop humidity in about 65%, in order to avoid the air too dry to produce static electricity, especially the green LED is easier to be damaged by esd.

A lot of electrostatic problems are due to people without ESD (electrostatic discharge) consciousness caused, this is because most ESD damage occurs in people outside the feeling, because of the perception of human body electrostatic discharge voltage is about 3KV, and many electronic components in hundreds of volts or even tens of volts can be damaged. Usually, the electronic device is damaged by ESD, and there is no obvious limit. After installing the component on the PCB, it will be tested again. The result is a lot of problems, and the analysis is also very difficult.

LED temperature

Note that the increase in temperature can cause LED internal resistance to become smaller. When the ambient temperature rises, the LED light source resistance can be reduced, if the voltage stabilized power supply will cause the working current of the LED increased, when exceeding the rated current, LED will affect the service life of the product, serious will make LED light "burned out", so it is best to choose constant current source power supply, to ensure that the working current of LED not to be influenced by external temperature.

DC power supply should be used

Some manufacturers in order to reduce product costs, the use of "resistance, pressure, step-down" way to LED products power supply, which will directly affect the life of LED products. Using special switch power supply to LED products will not affect the service life of the product, but the product cost is relatively high.

Sealing of LED products

No matter what LED products, as long as they are applied outdoors, they are faced with waterproof and moisture-proof sealing problems. If they are not handled properly, they will directly affect the service life of LED products. There are few methods for product quality requirements are relatively high manufacturers using traditional epoxy resin "watering" to seal LED products, this method is more cumbersome, for larger LED products will also cause weight gain.

LED current should not exceed LED IF current

Over current work will cause LED to decline rapidly, and if it goes beyond, it will burn LED immediately.

LED corner must be noticed

LED in the corner or corner when you don't get too close to colloid, should maintain a distance of more than 2mm and colloid, otherwise it will make the LED inside the bracket and the separation of colloidal gold, the bending angle in the same folding times can not be more than three times, the corner bent to 90 degrees, and then returned to the original position for 1 times.

welding temperature

Welding temperature at about 260 degrees Celsius, time control in less than 5S, welding point from the bottom of the colloid in more than 2.5mm, electric iron must be grounded, absolutely not allowed to live welding, LED.