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LED Work Lights Features

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

I. application range of LED work light

Automobile lamp, lamp, lamp, off-road truck lights, agricultural machinery, mechanical engineering, ambulance lights lights, lights, lights, logging excavator forklift, mine lamp lights, snow lights, lights, lights, tanks, armored hunting lights and other vehicle lighting and industrial field, patrol, a rabbit in a special environment or other large mobile lighting the construction site.

Two, LED work light product characteristics

1, LED lamp: the normal 45MIL wafer chip package, high power LED1W or 3W;

2, high light intensity: 180LM/3W.

3, high color temperature: LED lamp material in general about 7000K, and the highest temperature of traditional halogen lamp only 3500K light, dark yellow;

4, applicable to a wide range: the glass craft unique, condensing surface can be used for fog lamp, auxiliary lighting; pan can be used for smooth working lamp, project lamp, please use customers to determine the required products, select the corresponding mirror, in order to achieve the best performance;

5, LED car lamp, lamp maintenance products based on the forefront of the industry, leading the industry trend, all products unique, some products with originality and forward-looking, and effectively solves the problem of high power LED heat radiation and light attenuation, rational selection, good stability, high degree of technology, beautiful and practical.