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Misunderstanding of car lights, teach you better choice of LED lights.

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2018

    LED headlights set high efficiency,energy saving, environmental protection, fast response, long service life, good color temperature, easy to check the many advantages in one, making the LED headlights in the automobile application, is more and more favored by car owners. However, many people still have many doubts about this. Today, Jenny has come to tell you about it.

1、The lumen is higher and better?

    The lumen of the headlights should be within a reasonable range. Too dim and too bright will affect sight. There is a big difference in lumin of LED lamp on the market, because some business are labeling luminous or using the concept of "stealing" the actual effect value with the theoretical value of the headlights. But increasing the luminous flux will also bring negative effects: 1. Higher current will accelerate the light fading, 2. Color rendering will decline. Optical attenuation and color rendering are important reference indicators for LED headlights.

2、Power is higher and better?

    Power is not the higher and better, by increasing the power to improve the brightness,.It can not solve the problem of LED fear of heat, resulting in a short life.

3、Which is better for LED headlights and HID headlights?

    Each car, each person's needs are different, which can only be said to be more appropriate. For example, the original car reflector bowl upgrade hid light needs to replace the lens, the cost is higher, and a good LED light can match the original car reflector bowl, so the specific situation depends on personal needs.

4、Which is better for fan cooling and weaving belt cooling?

    Both of them help dissipate heat, but LED headlights heat dissipation structure to look at the whole, rather than a single component, and also need to consider the actual installation, different components can not be just from the heat dissipation analogy, to consider the overall heat dissipation, installation volume, assembly space considerations. As far as the heat dissipation effect is concerned, because the heat conduction between the lamp pole and the weaving belt is slow, the active heat dissipation by the fan is more efficient and stable than the physical heat dissipation by the braided belt, which is more conducive to protecting the lamp beads and prolonging the service life of the lamp beads.

5、Is CREE better than PHILPS?

    The choice of lamp beads is based on the brightness, light type, heat dissipation and so on.Therefore, the choice of lamp beads is limited by itself rather than brand.

6、Do LED lights need stabilizers?

    The principle of LED and hid lamp is different, starting mode is different, doesnt need stabilizer, no high-voltage breakdown and other problems. But each light is powered by a power supply. 

7、Doest LED lamp need decoder?

    The installation of the decoder is due to the abnormal detection of the driving computer after upgrading the headlights. Although the LED is low-current start, on most vehicles without interference, but part of the detection of power train, it is necessary to install decoder.

8、Can all LED headlights be installed?

    Not 100%, because of structural constraints, resulting in a very small number of models assembly space is insufficient, and did not have all the models have been installed and tested.HG LED can cover more than 98% of the vehicle installation rate. Most of the vehicles on the market are installed without worry.

9、Are the LED headlights almost the same?

    The differences are the light type, life,working life,heat dissipation structure,materials,.The surface difference is small, but the actual use, working life difference is very large, so you get what you pay for.