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Personalized led lights with the development of key points

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

There are many customer demand LED lights are not conventional specifications, it is necessary to customize. However, due to the lack of some technical parameters of the LED light band, there are many requirements that are significant and do not meet the technical requirements. Even if they are made, their use will be affected.

1 、 circuit design:

The circuit of the LED lamp band includes series circuit and parallel circuit, as well as series parallel circuit. The advantage of a series circuit is that the current is constant and it is relatively easy to control the driving current of the LED. The disadvantage is that if one of the LED is damaged, all the LED will not be lit, but it will not affect the life of the other LED. The advantage of a parallel circuit is that any LED is broken and does not affect the use of other LED. If the defect is without limiting resistance if any LED is damaged, it will cause the increase of other current LED ends, will burn out the other LED. and LED single due to a low driving voltage, the voltage will cause big department to do useful work, the resource is one kind of waste.

The series parallel circuit is the current LED lamp with a common circuit, because several LED are connected together to form a group, and then parallel with other groups. The utility model can furthest improve the utilization rate of the power supply voltage, and reduce the idle loss. Meanwhile, several LED series are connected to ensure that the driving currents of these LED are identical and are beneficial to the constant LED current to ensure the service life of the LED. The series of LED lights are connected in parallel with other groups to ensure that if a group is damaged, it will not affect the normal use of other groups. At the same time, since each group has a current limiting resistor, it will not affect the service life of the other groups due to the damage of one of the groups.

2, LED lamp with beads per meter number and cutting position:

Normally, the number of LED lights with beads per meter is fixed.  For example, 1210 are 60 lights, 5050 are 30 lights, and the other 60 are special lights. If there are other special requirements, give an example of 50 lights per meter, which involves modifying the circuit. Since usually 3 LED a group, if it is 50 lights, it will become a group of the number is not enough, but if it becomes two LED a group of words, it will increase the resistance of current limiting resistors, this will cause waste of resources. So, when the LED lights with customized special requirements, we must pay attention to the number of beads is 3 times, so as not to cause the voltage resource waste.