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The superiority of high voltage LED light source

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

1, high efficiency. The utility model is connected by a multi core small chip in series, and after practical test, the luminous effect is higher than that of the common light source with the same number of watts 5-10%.

2, the light source has some advantages. Because the traditional low VF value light source is through N more than only string and after the use of welding, artificial money is not high, and poor welding products emerge in an endless stream, and then affect production capacity and bring many two times cost.

3 、 linear power connection cost. Mentioned that some may say linear constant current power supply is low, is to see how you're going to use, since the last two years on the market a lot of linear constant current drive IC performance is also good, I used to test a new RY8201 linear constant current IC power can reach more than 0.9. Because the smaller linear constant IC, less peripheral elements can be absolute advantage in power driven some directly made on PCB, and then eliminates the need to install power supply warehouse space and installed power (to do the power) link, then the cost control, warehousing, production, delivery and highlight the advantages the cost of.

4, light. Because the traditional light source is made by N on N and the VF is not the same source known to all, and together, the power will be formed on the loading of each light source is different, then the formation of some light aging or death light, then the formation of the whole lamp light up. High pressure lamp is adopted in multi series, easy to deal with these questions.

5 、 low power demand. The power price and high failure rate is the first question always stop to carry out occupation years, and high LED, has inherent advantages, can through the deployment of a number of linear light source of a constant current drive to the successful completion of LED, safe and stable operation.