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What is the secret of long life of LED lamps?

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

In recent years, LED as a new energy-saving light source in the world and Chinese won got high investment enthusiasm and great concern, and the outdoor to indoor lighting applications market penetration, but also the emergence of large and small China tens of thousands of LED lighting company. The most important reason for LED lighting to shine is that it has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy control and maintenance free, among which longevity noodles are the most prominent features.

Generally, LED has a luminous lifetime of up to 5-10 hours, but the real problem is that LED lights don't last long. Why is there such a problem? Is there any way to solve the problem? LED why does LED's longevity last long? That's the light principle of led.  LED, the light-emitting diode. The utility model relates to a semi conducting solid light emitting device.

It uses solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials. When the positive voltage is added at both ends, the red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple and white lights are emitted directly.  Changeable Magic: LED light source can use LED through short time is short and the red, green and blue three color principle, change color and pattern in the implementation of computer technology under the control of, is a "dynamic light source can control the". The light emitting mechanism of an incandescent lamp is that the electric energy heats the luminous tungsten filament. After a long time of heating, the tungsten filament will age and even burn.

So far, the incandescent light bulb life ended, and the luminescence mechanism of light emitting diode is decided by the special structure of the diode, the diode is mainly composed of PN junction chip, electrodes and an optical system, when coupled with the forward bias voltage on the electrode, were injected into the P region and N region of the electrons and holes, when non equilibrium the majority and minority carriers recombination, will be in the form of excess radiation photon energy into light. The luminescence process consists of three parts: carrier injection, recombination radiation and light energy transmission under forward bias. Thus, diode is mainly dependent on carrier

Moving and glowing, without aging and burning, so LED can shine for a long time.

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