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Dual color LED headlight

Are you fed up with your halogen bulb? Wanna try some different? Worried about bad weahter? This is all you need. 6000K give you inspiring overview in dark while 3000K give you longer vision in raniy, snowy and fog condition, come on, lets go.

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  • Detalis :

    Product name : CS LED headlamp

    Dual color car LED headlight , 3000K and 6000K all in one lamp .

    H4 Plug :

    High beam is 6000K white color , low beam is 3000K yellow color .


    H7 9005/9006 H8/H11 H27/880/881 9012 H1 H3 Plug :

    when we turn on the headlight bulb at first time , it is 6000K white color , then trun off and turn on again , 

    it will swtich to 3000K yellow color , very easy .

    Power : 36W/piece  72W/pair 

    Lumen:4800LM/piece 9600LM/pair 

    Voltage : 12V


    Advantage :

    Most of car LED headlight buls only have one colors , our dual color headlamp have 2 colors .

    We can use 6000K in normal weather condition . When it is rainy, foggy weather , using 6000K

    is hard to drive , so we can use 3000K , it will be safer .

  • Shiny Gold Body, Yellow 3000k and white 6000K, easy switch, better vision effect in both sunny weahter and bad weather
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