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4D Lens Single Row Offroad Led Bar

Not all single row LED light bars are the same. This new 4D optic reflector technology, coupled with the ever reliable and highest quality USA CREE LED chips, makes for one of the highest quality and brightest light bars on the market. With a total of 18 10W CREE LED chips, making a total of 180W, at 30 inches in length, push light through the latest 4D Optic lens, meaning that you will not be wanting for more light.

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  • The 4D Optic reflector and fisheye lens in this light enables a high level of beam focus ensuring a maximum amount of light at the greatest distance. This technology creates the highest level of lux at distance available on the market.

    The combination of spot and spread reflectors means that this light will provide optimal performance, yet you will receive the perfect compromise between long distance lighting and massive amounts of light across a wide area closer to the vehicle. This combination of long distance and wide spread light makes this the perfect light for touring or long distance night driving or simply doing a technical night drive with your mates. This light enables you to see all of those pesky roos on the road who are threatening to take you on, or those even peskier trees in the forest that jump out of nowhere.

    All HG lights use the highest quality, computer applied, thermal paste on our German machined PCB light boards which ensures ultimate cooling and stability, which significantly improves LED longevity. Our German machined board ensures consistent high quality and precision of board manufacturing.

    This light comes complete with a high quality, water and dust proof, Deutsch (DT) plug already connected, ready for plug and play capability with our wiring harnesses making for easy installation.

    This light has undergone intensive development and testing in one of the most modern lighting factories in the world, not to mention manufacturing and assembly in a dust free workshop, to ensure only the highest quality LED lighting on the market.

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