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In The Future, How Will LED Headlamp Technology Develop?

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2018

    LED headlights are the trend of automotive lighting. When the xenon lamp, which began to appear in the 90s of last century, has not yet been fully popularized, the LED headlight has appeared quietly. Compared with traditional halogen lamp thermal radiation luminescence and xenon lamp high-pressure gas luminescence, LED lamp converts electric energy into light energy through LED, which makes LED have unique advantages such as bright colors, high brightness, long life, high efficiency, low energy consumption, small size, light weight and so on. From the specific performance indicators, the intensity of LED light can reach 5 times of halogen lamp and 1.4 times of xenon lamp. The life of LED lamps can last up to 100 thousand hours, far longer than halogen and xenon lamps. The energy consumption of LED is only 1/10 of halogen lamps and 1/7 of xenon lamps. In addition, LED lamps also have considerable advantages in lighting distance and lighting effects.

    With the rapid growth of LED lamp penetration rate in recent years, LED lamp has attracted more and more enterprises'participation. LED lamp has become popular in joint venture brands and independent brands. At present, most of the joint venture brands are equipped with LED lights in high-end models, independent brands have also launched new models with LED lights, successfully attracted potential consumers.

    With the rapid increase of LED car headlight penetration, intelligent LED headlights are beginning to emerge. In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and the demand for intelligent and safe automobile, the AFS and ADB system of automobile lamp emerge as the times require.