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LED Bulb Damage Causes And Repair

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Usually, the reason for the broken LED light bulb is divided into two kinds. One is that the LED bulb and the driver are burned out, two, the wiring is connected to the wrong line, or the connection line itself is aging.

So how to solve this problem? Many consumers feel burned out a light bulb would not have trouble to manufacturers repair yourself to solve this problem! That's not a good solution. Why? Because the LED bulb itself has a certain technical content, it can be repaired. Consumers who don't know the LED bulb try not to do it themselves. There are broken LED bulbs piled up, a one-time courier back to the home to help repair. So what about the LED bulbs that are stacked up? What bulbs should I use now? You can ask the manufacturer how many bulbs you can purchase. When you use the remaining ten LED bulbs, you start sending all of the accumulated LED bulbs back to the manufacturer for repair, and it's still one year's warranty. Sky dazzle lighting is guaranteed for one year!

Now let's talk about the wiring. The line itself began in the process of aging, the aging line it will put the normal operation of lighting will increase the luminosity but will bring bulb of easy damage and waste of electricity, the service life of large format short. Light bulb damage, serious consequences will lead to fire. Remember to find formal technical professional wiring electrician.