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LED Light Bars Market Is Mainly Driven By Rising Availability Of Aftermarket Lights

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2018

LED light bars have been hailed as a brilliant alternative to off road light bars. A LED light bar produces more light per watt than most of the lights. The intensity and efficiency of light bar can’t be affected by shape or size of the light bar, unlike the fluorescent light bar or tube. The effectiveness of the light can also be seen during on/off time of the light bar. The LED light bar takes under a microsecond to reach full brightness. LED light bars can also discharge the intended color light deprived of use of colored domes, color filters or other traditional methods for changing light color. It means that the cost of production goes down, due to use of less components. The vehicles LED bar lights are also used as a caution system in emergency vehicles to warn other vehicles on the road. These LED lights are made in yellow, green, red, orange, and almost every color. The blue and red ones are connected with police department cars while the red light bars are linked with ambulances and fire trucks. LED light bars are also fix on floor of large vehicles, which give exclusive look to its inner side. These LED light bars are energy efficient and have a longer life.

LED Light Bars Market: Drivers and Restraints

One of the key drivers boosting the market for LED light bars is the increasing availability of aftermarket lights. Besides this, the market will gain from the rising construction and mining & trade activities. The automobiles aftermarket is increasing its footprint across the world, with rising competition among the current players and the evolving new players. The players working in the locomotive aftermarket of established economies have already made their way into advanced automotive systems in the field of safety, powertrain, comfort. This factor help in driving growth of LED light bars market. By increasing construction mining & trade activities there will be continuous infrastructural development with more light bars requirement activities, which positively impact the economy of the nation. Better infrastructure leads to higher demand for commercial trucks, tractors, and trailers, as they form a primary requirement for such activities.

One of restraint of LED light bars market is a very high initial cost for installing a LED light bar and this may deter someone on a low budget from making use of this technology. The life of this light bar is also dependent on the temperature of the operating area. If it is constantly used in places with high temperatures, then this will reduce its working life as well as make it susceptible to breaking down.