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LED Work Light Source In The Use Of The Advantages

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

LED working lights use high brightness LED as light source, the service life is as high as 100 thousand hours, the heat is small. Lamps and lanterns have: dustproof, wet resistance, corrosion resistant effect. Job bubble tungsten halogen lamps: with the new light source halogen bulb, soft light, the spotlight is good, LED lamp is suitable for various medium and small machine tools, CNC lathe, drilling and milling machine, combination machine tools and other equipment and lighting, explosion-proof, waterproof erosion etc. etc..

LED work light is different from other machine tools work light source, then, LED work light source characteristics:

1. voltage: LED use low-voltage power supply, the supply voltage is between 6-24V, according to different products, so it is a more secure than the use of high-voltage power supply, especially for public places;

2. performance: incandescent energy consumption is reduced by 80% when;

3. applicability: very small. Each cell LED chip is 3-5mm square, so it can be made into devices of all shapes, and suitable for variable environments;

4. stability: 100 thousand hours, 50% for the initial decay;

5. response time: the response time of the incandescent lamp is millisecond, and the response time of the LED lamp is nanosecond;

6., environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury;

7. color: change the current can change color, led, conveniently through chemical modification method, adjust the energy band structure and band gap, to achieve red, yellow, green, orange, multi-color light emitting. Such as small current red LED, as the current increases, you can turn orange, yellow, and finally green;

8. price: LED prices more expensive than incandescent lamps, only a few LED the price you can with a price of incandescent lamps, but usually each signal required by the 300 to 500 diodes.