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Make Sure The Switch Is Always Set To Auto If Your Car Has Automatic Headlights

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Come on, it’s not rocket science — if it’s dark out, getting dark or your windshield wipers are activated, your daytime running lights (DRLs) are simply not enough.


Unfortunately, it’s a common sight on our roads. You know, when you come up to a car at night, or in inclement weather, and its tail lights are off. “What a kook,” you probably think. “How do you not realize your full headlights are off? How is that even possible with automatic headlights?”

Well, it’s easier than you think to mess it up. More often than not, gauges are always illuminated, fooling drivers. Other times, someone knocks your headlight switch from the “auto” to the off position.


Fortunately, Lorraine Sommerfeld is here to remind you — and the solutions are simple. Either keep your headlights on “auto”, ensure the switch is back on the automatic setting whenever someone else drives your car, or just drive with your headlights always on. And if you don’t have automatic headlights? Well, you’re on your own with that one. It’s up to you to remember every time.