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Mini LED Attack Vehicle Taillight Application

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2018

In recent years, LED general lighting market competition is fierce, Taiwanese manufacturers actively develop new niche markets, hoping to combat price competition with technical strength.

Among them, the gradual development of miniaturization is an important trend, miniaturization of MiniLED / MicroLED can not only be used in display technology, but also in the field of intelligent lighting.

Previously, many automobile manufacturers have applied OLED lighting to automotive lamps. However, the reliability of OLED lamps is challenged because of the high temperature and humidity of the interior environment. In view of this, some automobile manufacturers have begun to invest in resource development, trying to import MiniLED/MicroLED into the lamp application, hoping to achieve higher reliability than OLED lamp by its inorganic material characteristics, but the miniaturized LED bare crystal packaging process is different from traditional LED, how to improve reliability is still a big challenge.

Huang Bingkai, manager of the Accumulated Technologies Micro Light Emitting Diode Division, said that large auto factories have begun to invest resources, trying to import MiniLED / MicroLED into the lamp, and will take the lead in introducing taillights.

    At present, the LED bulbs used in traditional lighting are relatively perfect packaging procedures, so the reliability is higher when facing the possible high temperature and humidity environment in the car. However, due to the difficulty in reducing the size of the package, more than the traditional packaging process, the use of black glue fixed MiniLED / MicroLED packaging originally relied on anti-UV, anti-high temperature, waterproof and other protective functions, after which we must rethink how to fix through black glue. Therefore, the reliability of bare crystal and the research and development of black glue fixed materials will be the most important issues in the process of introducing MiniLED / MicroLED into vehicle lighting.