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Officials Remind Off-road Vehicle Riders: Be Safe On Trails

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 09, 2018


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is reminding off-road vehicle enthusiasts to learn riding and safety rules before taking to the trails.

Cpl. John Morey of the DNR’s Law Enforcement Division says riders under age 16 must have a valid safety training certificate when operating one of the vehicles.

Students can take the required safety education course online or in a classroom.

Michigan has a number of other requirements. Under most circumstances, operators and passengers must wear an approved crash helmet and protective eyewear.

ORVs generally can’t be operated on roads, streets or highways maintained for year-round automobile travel unless they’re registered as motor vehicles by the Secretary of State. Local ordinances allow ORVs on some roadways.

More information about ORV riding is available online .