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One Of Our Biggest SA Customers Visited Us Yesterday

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 09, 2018

May 8th, 2018 is a memorable day For Nanjing Huiguang Engineering & Lighting Company because one of our biggest SA customers visited us yesterday. 

At 9:00 AM, we(Sheldon, Karina and me) drive to Vienna Hotel to pick up Deena. There is some traffic jams on the way, so we arrived there 15 miniutes later than discussed.

After booking out the hotel, we returned to our company. We talked about developing some new products with him, it is really impressive when we talk about the products.


At noon, we had lunch in Zi DongGe Hotel, Deena did not have much. As he is very hard working, so he does not eat much for lunch.

In the After noon, we went to the Confucius Temple, a very famous tourist spot in China. There are acient buildings along the street which are stores selling all kinds of goods. There are mainly food, snacks and dishes, all in local flavor. So we had the dinner there.


It is really a wonderful for all of us.

This visit strengthens our relationship, leaving a beautiful history in HuiGuang Company.