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OSRAM Develops New Vehicle LED To Achieve Headlamp Projection Information.

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 08, 2018

Oslon Boost HX, a new type of automotive LED, has been developed by OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductors to help the headlights achieve high resolution and project information onto the road.

The Osram Opto Semiconductor methods help develop Oslon Boost HX.The technology usually uses high current LED. The new LED can provide brightness of more than 200 CD /mm2, and its high current carrying chip can operate at 3 A /mm2. Its 2mm2 chip emits at least 1400 lumens of current when the current is 6A.

According to Osram, the new product is designed to integrate with digital mirror devices (DMD) systems for broader applications, such as projecting guides to indicate the width of the car to remind drivers to negotiate road engineering safely.

“The first product in the Oslon Boost series addresses the trend toward a special user experience and adds security and emotional appeal. This LED is a good example of the enormous potential of our products in automotive lighting”says Stefan Seidel, senior marketing manager for OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductors.