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The Benefits Of Using LED Lighting

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Maybe you always hear people say that now is the era of lighting LED lighting era, but do not know why people say, in fact, compared to incandescent lamps and energy saving lamps lighting the old era, LED lighting has the following 5 advantages make it become a bright star in the new era of lighting:

What's the advantage of using LED lighting?

First, energy saving, less than half the power of ordinary energy-saving lamps, the same power consumption, light source more power saving;

Two, long service life, LED life is generally the worst in 5000H (hours) above, without heavy metal manufacturing process, environmental protection;

Three, LED colors can be varied choice, there is a lantern can adjust the color of the lamp;

Four, LED brightness will be good, DC drive, no stroboscopic, eye protection. But the light is dazzling, the use of diaphragm should be installed to soften the light;

Five, LED voltage is DC voltage, relatively low, can be installed in the bathroom, at least not be condensed water caused by bad.