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Top Dog’s New Tricks

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Like the Rogue, the Rugged X is SR5-based and shares most features with the Rugged, adding steel front bar and bash plates, LED light bar, front recovery points, and most of the Rogue’s interior niceties.

Driving the trio in the Flinders Ranges, the Rogue proved more than capable off-road but the Rugged pair were more able to shine.

On a river track with purposely placed boulders, we were encouraged to test out the Rugged X’s bash plate and rock rails. It copped quite a beating underneath — we may have deliberately gone harder than is advised (all in the name of thorough testing, of course) but it came out unscathed.

The LED light bar is excellent, throwing seemingly endless light in front of the car — just be sure to turn them down when you come to a camp site (many apologies).