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Wrong Use Of Fog Lights Has Become Dangerous Epidemic On Adelaide Roads

Nanjing Huiguang Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 07, 2018

THE end of daylight saving is a sorrowful time for most South Australians, but for me it’s particularly sad because it’s the start of getting-blinded-by-SUVs-and-other-people-driving-with-fog-lights-on season.

This year, I’ve noticed even more lazy, rude or stupid drivers who are so careless about using fog lights they should be banned from our roads.

It’s bad enough that for the next six months I have to put up with motorists sitting up on their high horses (SUVs) — vehicles that by their very design, blind other road users. Their headlights sit a foot higher than those of a sedan and shine right into my car, or bounce off my rear-vision mirror into my eyes, rather than being nose-level and out of iris-burning range.

Now, an increasing number of drivers are switching their fog lights on, too, creating a double whammy that leaves me facing a wall of bright light.

I can’t see anything else but this explosion of rays emitting from the front of their cars, making it near impossible to see anything coming into my path beyond it.

Using fog lights when it’s not foggy is illegal for this very reason — it’s a $238 fine and a $60 victims of crime levy for turning them on when it’s not permitted or, worse, using lights to dazzle other road users.


I live nowhere near the hills, and have never seen conditions on the plains so bad that I’ve had to put my fog lights on, day or night, so I have no idea why these people have fog lights on in the first place.

Using fog lights confounds me because their very name tells you what they are to be used for. They are not “be seen” lights or “night” lights.

Just like “indicator” and “speedometer”, you’d think that having them named after fog would be enough to have people using them only in fog.

That, or they don’t know what the symbol means on their dash, or don’t look at it. If you don’t know how to use your car, don’t drive it.

Now I’m noticing an even greater danger. So many people are driving with fog lights on during the day (still illegal, and distracting) that come nightfall they just drive with just their fog lights on, and therefore no headlights — or rear lights — at all. These idiots think people can see them, but we can’t distinguish them from a parked car, or see them at all until the last minute. That’s scary.

Worse, is drivers of cars with LED parking lights who think that because they can see, their headlights are on.

Scarier stuff still.

Try alerting these drivers to the issue by flashing your high beam at them and they just think you’re letting them know a police car is up ahead, or road-raging them.

It is so easy to be considerate of others, avoid a fine and not look like a tool — just drive with headlights on. It won’t stop me being blinded by SUV headlights but it will go some way towards safer roads.